Sunday, September 7, 2008

10 Things an executive coach needs

I know some of you are seasoned coaches but for me it always helps to go back to basics and remind myself of some of the foundational things you need to coach well. I consider some of these in my guide at

1. Know what you want - what is really important to you in coaching? Think of 10 things and list them. Then choose just three. Keep these in mind when you are coaching someone.
2.Curiosity - think of as many questions as you can about a number of coaching issues. You can start with this list. What kind of coach are you? How do you help people? What are your strengths. What are your weaknesses?
3.Open yourself to new ways of thinking - we easily get fixed into ways of thinking - even about executive coaching. Challenge this! Try different techniques.
4.Seek support from others - don't be afraid to ask others what they think of executive coaching - your skeptical colleagues, friends, clients...
5.Be conscious of how you apply your learning - we all apply learning but unconsciously. Be aware of how you apply something you've just read and want to try. Or something you have tried but want to try again.
6. Reflect on the progress you make - Think about the success you've had (and the failures) dwell on the successes and try to identify what it was that worked so well. And don't try to hide the failures - think about why they were failures.
7. Enjoy it - do everything you can to make your executive coaching enjoyable. Don't be afraid of humour in the coaching relationship. Don't force it though. Just be natural.
8 Tell all - tell as many people you meet what it is you do. And take advantage of all opportunities to say how it works and why it is such a successful technique.
9. Improve - do something everyday to improve your executive coaching techniques and skills.
10.Have a web site and blog so that as many people get to know who you are what you do - I have two. One is currently being redone. The other is


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